May 1st, 2014

May 2nd, 2014

May 3rd, 2014

Please note

The conference opening, all plenary lectures, the whole colloquium and the coffee breaks take place at the Bibliotheca Albertina. The panel lectures take place at the Bibliotheca Albertina, too, or at the Beethovenstraße 15 in Room H2 0.10, which is across the street. Every panel lecture is splitted in two parallel groups: The lectures of group 1 will always be held at the Bibliotheca Albertina and the lectures of group 2 will be held at the Beethovenstraße 15 in Room H2 0.10.

Every colleague holding a panel lecture should use 20 minutes for her/his lecture and 10 minutes for discussion.

Philosophy of the Conference

The conference will capture new developments in pragmatics, especially within the field of contextualist approaches to utterance interpretation.

The central topic will be how contextual information about the circumstances of the utterance should be represented within a pragmatic theory. Should it be located ‚within‘ the utterance (as unarticulated constituent) or ‚outside‘ as part of the common ground speaker and hearer share? Is the definition of common ground and consequently the ascription of utterance meaning bound essentially to the speaker / hearer perspectives, thus is meaning perspectival?

Generally one may ask whether common ground is something which is given in advance or whether it is something which emerges during the interaction of participants, which are oriented towards salient features of the current situation? Eventually, the ethnological dimension of verbal behavior will be a topic, including the discussion of the nature – culture – distinction.

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