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Please send us your presentation for the conference, so we can prepare your lecture and a problem-free conference is assured. If this is not possible, then please bring your presentation with an USB stick to your conference registration.

Changed schedule: Colloquium canceled and Gerlind Große instead of Stojan Bračič
The colloquium on Sunday is canceled. Therefore, the presentations by Laura M. Neuhaus and Sven Müller will be held at 5:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. in the panel at the Bibliotheca Albertina on Saturday. The presentation by Stojan Bračič on Saturday at 4:00 p.m. in the Bibliotheca Albertina is also canceled. Instead of Stojan Bračič speaks Gerlind Große on the topic: Pragmatic Development: From early cooperative communication to situational inferencing

Conference registration
We would like to proceed the conference registration for every speaker and visitor on May 2 at 8 am at the Bibliotheca Albertina. Please register before the first lecture begins.

Provided technical equipment for speakers
All speakers will be provided with some technical equipment for their lecture:
Bibliotheca Albertina | Beamer, Laptop [Windows], Microphone, Overhead projector
Beethovenstraße 15, Room H2 0.10 | Beamer, Laptop [Windows], Whiteboard

May 2nd – May 3th 2014

The conference will capture new developments in pragmatics, especially within the field of contextualist approaches to utterance interpretation.

The central topic will be how contextual information about the circumstances of the utterance should be represented within a pragmatic theory. Should it be located „within“ the utterance (as  unarticulated constituent) or „outside“ as part of the common ground speaker and hearer share?

The focus of the present book lies on central questions about the nature, the function and the acquisition of pragmatic inferencing strategies. The question of the relation between the explicit and the implicit side of verbal communication and its mutual delimitation is addressed. What is the character of pragmatic inferences, wherever they may be situated in a descriptive model? Are they nonce inferences arising anew in each act of communication, or do we have to conceive of them as based on regularities and conventions? What is an adequate model of the acquisition of the skills which are relevant for mastering the inferential processes leading to an adequate interpretation of utterances? And what is the relation between a theory of pragmatic enrichment and optimality theory with an OT pragmatics as a possible result?

The conference fee for application costs about 40€ and after the 15th of February about 60€. All students of the Universität Leipzig have free admission and all other students only need to pay 10€. The conference will be held in German and in English.

Please transfer your conference fee to the following bank account:
Recipient: Pamela Steen
Institute: Postbank
IBAN: DE03 1001 0010 0078 4891 15

For more detailed information about the conference take a look at our program.

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